On pre-order right now and on-sale in Australia from February 24.

Motorola Australia has announced when you’ll be able to get your hands on its take on foldable phones, the 2020 iteration of the Motorola RAZR.

It will go on sale in Australia for an outright price of $2699, available through Motorola’s local web store, JB Hi-Fi and exclusive launch partner Telstra. Motorola is opening up pre-orders for the Motorola RAZR right now – you can pre-order here today – but we’re told that Telstra may offer pre-orders too, just a little bit later.

That $2699 price point certainly puts the RAZR into premium price territory – it’s only $300 cheaper than the already pretty pricey Samsung Galaxy Fold, after all – and may come as a shock given the oft-quoted US pricing of $US1499.

That would put it at around $2,200 at current exchange rates, but according to Motorola Australia’s Danny Adamopoulos, the US price doesn’t take sales tax into account. Add our 10% GST, and you’re basically at Motorola’s list price for its shiny new foldable.

We’re also getting the RAZR a few weeks later than the US, but that’s apparently due to the much higher sales demand than Motorola itself expected, having already delayed the US release once. Just in case you’re tempted to jump ahead of the queue, Adamopolous suggests that the eSIM setup routine for the Verizon-sold version of the RAZR may be harder to enable on Australian networks.

Chris has already had a hands-on with the Motorola RAZR which you can read here. 2020 is shaping up to be a big year for foldable phones – will you be rushing to buy the Motorola RAZR? I have a feeling a few Ausdroiders might.

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That’s a no go.


What is that awful growth on the bottom of that phone, that alone would make me reject it. Just imagine it catching on clothes and bags as you pull it out to view, errrg


When you fold the phone in half that chin is flush, ie when it is in your pocket or bag.


Wow, bet they sell millions of them in Australia. NOT.


2600 for SD710
Should have priced it in 500-700 range.
I guess this will be a massive flop in Australia, especially when MWC is a month away.


*shrug* The people that wanna buy it will buy it anyway, I’m not that surprised at the price, and like it says, it’s cheaper than the Fold which is a much less appealing phone to me personally anyway. Best of luck to em :). I look forward to reading the US reviews!

Jeni Skunk

AU refail price of $2700. US exchange rate price plus GST is about AU $2420. So Lenovorola are gouging Australians about $300 on top of giving us access to the phone late.


Call it a stupid tax. If you are stupid enough to pay that type of money for the phone you deserve that tax.


Tell em their dreamin


“Add our 10% GST, and you’re basically at Motorola’s list price for its shiny new foldable.”

Still $280 out. I wouldn’t even call that close.


I’m genuinely excited by this phone, and it’s all about the form factor / screen bending tech for me. It might no be flagship tech spec, but I already use mid range phones as my daily driver with an even lower spec. But there is just no way I can consider one at that price. At 50% off…. maybe?

Hopefully this is enough of a success that they keep with it, make their design tweaks and can reign the costs in, it might be something I can hopefully revisit in a few more generations with pricing I can justify

Jamie S

Yeah, Nah. I’ll pass.