There might be a world-first clamshell foldable on the horizon, but Motorola’s Razr won’t be alone for long. We’re getting daily leaks, rumours and other details about Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip, seemingly the company’s timely answer to Motorola. Today we’ve got some high quality picture renders of the device, and more details about the specs power ans being offered.

The new details and high quality renders come courtsey of courtesy of @rquandt and WiFuture, offering detailed looks at the phone’s front design, hinge, tiny clamshell-mounted display, and side-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Samsung has been teasing the the return of the clamshell form factor with a flexible folding internal display since October, and those teases became the yet-to-be-announced device since December. With the company’s Galaxy Fold (eventually) being well received, there’s certainly interest in the Galaxy Z Flip.

There’s a small outward-facing OLED display, which is a wide rectangle and with rounded edges and a 300×116 resolution. This display is set behind the Gorilla Glass back of the phone and is to support always-on use for things like displaying the time and notifications. It’s not big enough to be considered a usable display for launching as we saw on the Galaxy Fold, and that’s probably a good thing as the exterior display on the Fold felt like a compromise.

We’re also seeing a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, which is an interesting choice when there’s actually rather a lot of surface for it open or closed.

As for the actual flip/fold flexible display, WinFuture confirms that the folding display has been made out of “Ultra Thin Glass” which raises all sorts of questions for us over durability and safety, but let’s wait and see. The first generation of foldable devices from both Samsung and Huawei attracted criticism for the feel of their plastic screens – if Samsung’s managed to bring the feel of glass to a flexible display in just one generation, colour us excited.

The Flip’s internal display is tall and thin, with a 22:9 aspect ratio and 1080p-equivalent (2636×1080) resolution. It will use the Infinity O “hole-punch” design seen in 2019 on the company’s flagship devices. Unfolded, the Galaxy Z Flip’s display will be 6.7-inches in size.

One thing that doesn’t seem to have changed very much is the design of the hinge over which that flexible display is positioned, looking similar to the one Samsung used on the Galaxy Fold.

Internal specs should mark the Flip as a powerhouse, running on Qualcomm’s updated Snapdragon 855+ paired with 8GB RAM, 256GB storage along with a two cell 3,300 mAh battery capacity.

We’re also seeing a 12MP primary camera sensor supplemented by a 12MP wide-angle sensor. The Flip might not look like it has the same photographic chops you’d expect from a triple-camera but we also know Samsung well enough to not count them out on this front.

What’s not in there? 5G 🤷‍♂️. Oh, also there’s no Micro SD card slot, but with 256GB storage built-in you might not need one.

Of course, leaks are leaks and not an actual product release. There’s no time frame for when this will be launched, no guarantee this is even correct, and no indication on pricing. Having seen the Galaxy Fold launch at $3,000 locally though, we’ve some idea. Prepare your wallets.

Source: Android Police.
Source 2: WinFuture.
Via: @rquandt.
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really not bad! considering the style of the phone screams to put it away when you are done and get back to stuff it will probably go ok on the 3300mah battery, especially if you can glance at and dismiss some notification types on the small screen, screen calls etc should run very nicely too and 256GB is good, understand why they left out the card slot, a lot of phone here in a small package. Im permanently done with OLED after using it solidly since 2011 with burn in again and again and again but this sounds like a… Read more »