OPPO’s Find X2 looks set to be an amazing phone. So what’s better than an OPPO Find X2? A Find X2 Pro. Leaks overnight have revealed not just the existence of a Find X2 Pro but also the display resolution and refresh rate and the charging speed.

All the time we have been covering the upcoming Find X2 there has been no mention of a Pro version but last night its existence was confirmed when it appeared on a certification filing on the NBTC website. There are no details on what is the discernible differences between the two version just yet and you wouldn’t expect much given the impressive specs of the Find X2 that have already leaked in recent times.

It has been revealed by OPPO VP Brain Shen that the display on one (or both) of the Find X2 phones will include a 120Hz refresh rate. Other Weibo messages from Brian Shen states that the display will be a 6.5-inch display with a 3,168 x 1,440 (2k) resolution making it a QHD+ display.

According to the Tweets and Weibo messages above the Find X2 will also include an industry-leading 65W SuperVOOC which will take just 35 minutes to charge the battery. The battery size is unknown but you would expect with a 120Hz, QHD+ 6.5-inch display with 5G connectivity the battery would have to be a decent size to last a full day. Given when they announced the Reno Ace it was said that the charging could charge a 4,000mAh battery in under 30 minutes I suspect the battery size will be in the vicinity of 4500-5000mAh.

OPPO have not revealed when the phone will be released to the world but we suspect that given they have a large presence at MWC that it will either be at MWC or not long after (after announcing some new technology to be included in the new phone at MWC as they did for the Reno last year).

Hopefully we will see both of these versions Downunder but I suspect we will see one only, hopefully it will be the Pro version (although there isn’t any details on the difference between the two just yet).

Source: Gizchina.