We have to admit Moto has confused us a bit this year by releasing the G8 Plus and G8 Macro before the Moto G8. Confusing release order aside it looks like Moto is about to launch the Moto G8 and G8 Power as well as the rumoured stylus Device, Moto G8 Stylus maybe?

Moto G8
Some of the confusion around the G8 doesn’t stop with the naming with the specs very close to that of the G8 Plus. Typically there has been a degree of separation between the two devices but at this stage the leaks have them neck and neck for many specs. The new G8 has a very different hole punch display, replacing the tear drop notch of the G8 plus, both have a 6.3-inch display however the Plus does have a higher FHD resolution of 2,280 x 1080 compared to the HD 1,560 x 720 display in the G8.

Both feature the Snapdragon 665 SOC and have options specced up to 4 GB of RAM with 64 GB of storage (market dependant). The Plus does have a strong camera array with a 48MP f/1.7 main camera, 5MP f/2.2 depth sensor and a 16MP f/2.2 action camera compared to the G8’s 16MP f/1.7 main sensor, 2MP f/2.2 macro and 8MP f/2.2 wide-angle. Around the front the Plus has a 25MP f/2.0 compared to the G8’s 8MP f/2.0.

Imaging is very important in the mid-tier now, with the Pixel 3a just blowing away the completion anyone wanting to charge near the Pixel 3a now really has their work cut out for them. What this has meant is a slightly lower price point for other devices as well as an overall improvement in the quality of cameras in the mid tier.

Rounding out the specs for the G8 is a 4000mAh 10W fast charging battery (same as in the Plus), rear finger prince sensor, NFC for Google Pay, a 3.5mm headphone jack, dual SIM and the standard assortment of BT and WiFi. On it’s own merits the Moto G8 looks to be a very capable device with some decent specs and just a few frills pared back compared to the plus such as screen resolution and camera resolution.

Moto G8 Power
The Moto G8 Power is here to be the energiser bunny of Moto’s G8 line up. It’s right there in the name, the Power packs a 5,000mAh battery and basically the same specs as the G8 Plus giving it that additional power boost.

The Power is driven by the same Snapdragon 665 SOC paired with 4 GB of Ram and 64 GB of storage, a 6.3-inch hole punch display wit a FHD 2,300 x 1,080 screen resolution. Camera-wise it features four rear sensors, a 16MP f/1.7 mains sensor, 2MP f/2.2 macro, 8MP f/2.2 wide-angle and an unspecified 8MP f/2.4. Around the front there’s a 25MP f/2.0 selfie camera. All supported by the standard Fingerprint sensor, headphone jack, dual SIM and array of BT and WiFi you’d expect in 2020.

Moto Stylus
While there are no new specs leaked for the rumoured Stylus device from Moto we do have apparent leaked images of the device, they just don’t show the stylus in any way shape or form. So we’re going to have to take on faith that this is indeed the stylus variant of a Moto phone that we have seen earlier.

It bears a striking resemblance to the rest of the line up featuring the same hole punch display, four camera sensors and a fingerprint sensor. This leads us to wonder if this stylus variant is part of the G8 family of devices? Perhaps a G8 Stylus?

This being Motorola you’re guaranteed Android 10 across the line, and being the G8 family likely not Android One. That’s not a big differentiation now, with Moto offering 3 years security and 2 years OS update guaranteed across their product line. Moto will be at MWC as always and we may just see these device launch there.

Source: Android Police.
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Jeni Skunk

Interesting that all of these renders seem to show a chin bezel thicker than the top.