Blackberry was once an extremely successful company but went downhill fast. In 2016 Blackberry licensed their name to TCL for TCL to make and sell Blackberry phones. In a statement today that deal is set to end and TCL will no longer be producing Blackberry phones.

As of 31st August this year TCL will no longer be selling Blackberry phones. Of course many will be wondering what that means for those who purchased a Blackberry phone under the TCL banner. Those who did will continue to receive support and warranty for their devices until August 31 2022.

As for Blackberry that does not mean the end of them. TCL produced the hardware and Blackberry Limited provided the critical security and software features associated with Blackberry devices. It is not out of the question for Blackberry Limited to partner with another hardware manufacturer to produce Blackberry devices but it seems unlikely.

Unfortunately it is likely that we have seen the last of Blackberry smartphones being manufactured. They have definitely had a purpose in the modern world but seems unlikely they will have a platform anymore.

Source: XDA.