In a developed technology marketplace like Australia, it’s easy to forget there’s other markets out there that aren’t quite so developed, but my goodness there’s some coming along very, very quickly.

India is such a developing market – its growth has been described as explosive, and as a result, a huge number of manufacturers are targeting India for their growth plans.

With a massive population and a large number of users to convert to smartphones India is an incredibly desirable market for any OEM.

Vivo already knows this, and has managed to grow to the number two Mobile supplier in India reaching 21% market share, trailing Xiaomi by just 6%. Encouraged by this momentum, Vivo has an ambitious plan to grow to 600 new stores in 400 cities across India in just ten months.

Pictured above, the Vivo Experience centre is designed to convert potential Indian buyers into Vivo Customers. Without the hang ups of western markets demanding a Google-like experience, Chinese OEMs have the opportunity to bring their products to the Indian market without the skewed scrutiny of the western tech blogs.

With many experience stores already open and many more already in development, Vivo just might reach their ambitious goals by the end of this year.