One of the more useful features of Google Play Music is the ability to upload your own digital music library to the service. It is also one of the features that has not made the transition from Play Music over to YouTube Music.

That is all set to change though with reports surfacing that Google are currently internally testing the feature. Given that Google must be close to transitioning Play Music users over to YouTube Music that does not surprise us in the least. 9to5Google found the evidence of the app being readied for the feature in a recent APK teardown and now have confirmed that Google’s internal beta for YouTube Music across all platforms support the library migration feature.

If Google want people to be happy about this transition then you would expect a very close feature parity between the two services. We have seen YouTube Music’s head confirm that Google will allow Play Music users to migrate all of their music collection including playlists and music itself over so you would expect this feature to arrive before the turning off of Play Music.

Google were originally planning on transitioning all users over to YouTube Music in 2019 but with the lack of feature parity that deadline was obviously missed. They are extremely close to this final transition of users though apparently and thus you would expect the remaining features yet to make the move into the new service to be brought over in the very near future.

With this testing of music upload to YouTube Music it suggests that the transition is very close we can only hope that everything has been moved over by the time Play Music is turned off. I personally hope that they allow moving of your entire library over, no just playlists. I have no idea where my Rammstein digital collection is and cannot be bothered trying to find the large CD collection in the myriad of boxes in the garage and ripping them all over again.