The fact that 5G is the future for most markets is not a surprise. Some markets are ready to engage users with the extra speed and others are not. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to find out that Samsung has made the business decision to skip India with their S20 5G devices.

SamMobile reports that of the available S20 devices, only the 4G variants will land in the sub-continent and that’s logical.

Why would you take a 5G phone variant to a market that doesn’t have a compatible network yet?

The S20 range of devices is ready for pre-order in India via the Samsung Site at this time with no confirmed pricing. An interesting – likely for cost-saving – move worth noting is the Exynos 990 vs Qualcomm option.

In such a large market with the socio-economic demographic present, it makes sense to cater to the immediate needs. As the market grows, matures and carriers build new infrastructure more opportunities will present themselves for manufacturers.

Equally, as India’s 5G capability grows, we expect 5G devices to become available in the country too.