Do you want the latest and greatest in Samsung branded Android Goodness? Do you have at least Rs 66,999 spare to plonk down? Well if you answered yes then great news, Samsung just opened pre-orders for the S20 line in India.

So what is the S20 family going to sell for?

  • The S20 starts at Rs 66,999 (approx $1,393 AUD)
  • The S20+ for Rs 73,999 Rs (approx $1,539 AUD) and
  • The S20 Ultra for Rs 92,999 (approx $1,934 AUD).

It’s worth noting that the pricing above roughly lines up with the Australian pricing announced last week, though the inclusion of Galaxy Buds as a pre-order bonus for Australian customers isn’t quite mirrored in India, where there’s an additional (modest) price to have the Galaxy Buds+ thrown in.

If you pre-order the S20+ or S20 Ultra will be able to buy a pair of the Galaxy Buds for Rs 1,999 (approx $42 AUD), where S20 buyers will have to pay Rs 2,999 (approx $62 AUD).

If you are interested in securing yours before the onslaught why not drop by and register for yours?

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I’m glad I found this web site, I couldn’t find any knowledge on this matter prior to.


Ausdroid…. posting that a phone is going on pre-sale in India…. with Indian pricing… and no currency conversion to give context….


Chris Rowland

Perhaps our Indian audience doesn’t require currency conversion to AUD?

Luke Roberts

You are likely right, your Indian audience probably don’t need currency conversion, but would your Indian audience be looking to an Australian publication to source prices in India? Given that AUSDROID would appear to be targeted to Australian audiences, currency conversion would be…kinda… sorta… standard when referencing international pricing? Well, standard insofar as every other tech site does it for it’s intended local audience whenever they are referencing international pricing… and something that you have generally ( to the best of my memory ) done previously…It helps to at least appear that they are creating original content rather than just… Read more »