OPPO’s public relations department has an extra member it seems, one who has the inside word at the company and seems to be genuinely engaging with users and happy to share bits and pieces here and there. Today OPPO VP Brian Shen shared another image of OPPO’s upcoming smartwatch on his Weibo account.

While the image does not show much it does display a watch that is eerily similar to the Apple watch. The watch can be seen to have a curved screen and the use of 3D glass bringing craftsmanship to a “new level” with its flexible nature.

OPPO are well known for their high end manufacturing with their products having a finish to them making even the cheapest phones feel and look premium. OPPO have talked about and have been rumoured to be readying a smartwatch for release for a while now but we have seen very little evidence of it until very lately. This image from Brian Shen gives the indication that it may be very close to being ready.

While it seems early for it to release now with the Find X2 given that there have not been many leaks or hints from OPPO themselves it would not surprise us if OPPO announced it alongside their new ultra-premium flagship, the Find X2.

As for the design of the smartwatch, when the Apple watch was first released it looked similar to some others that were around including Pebble and was not considered to be the best design for a smartwatch but as time has passed Apple has made the design popular. It is no surprise to see OPPO going with a similar design now that the masses have been indoctrinated to accept the Apple design.

With the OPPO Find X2 set to be announced in the next few weeks you can be sure if the OPPO smartwatch is going to be released at the same time we will start seeing more leaks in the lead up to its announcement. Only time will tell but personally I think we could be seeing it maybe a month or two afterwards.

You can bet that OPPO will want to bring this smartwatch to Australia so keep an eye out for it — you can never have too many options when it comes to tech.