HMD Global’s Nokia 7.1 handset is facing some woes after the recent update to Android 10 Pie, with users reporting that their phones are experiencing crashing, WiFi connections dropping, calls distorted and poor battery life.

These are not issues you’d expect to find on handsets that run stock Android – they’re more commonly associated with other software skins where there has been more significant customisation going on.

However, since the Android 10 update arrived in late December 2019, users have been experiencing a raft of problems with their Nokia 7.1 handsets.

Website PiunikaWeb has collected a list of the bugs in their article, and it makes for miserable reading. Ausdroid, too, has received emails from a number of readers sharing their experiences with us – the most common symptom for Nokia 7.1 handsets in Australia has been WiFi connections that just won’t work anymore, meaning users are racking up mobile data bills.

We’ve also raised the issue with HMD Global and are waiting for further information. In the meantime, if you have a Nokia 7.1 handset, we’d recommend against installing the Android 10 update for now – it seems to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Have you experienced problems with the Android 10 update to your Nokia 7.1, or other handsets from the HMD Nokia range? Let us know in the comments.

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My Nokia 6.1 is unusable because it cannot even function as a simple phone. I have not added any applications and have done factory resets several times. But still cannot make or receive calls ! All I can hear is high pitched scratch sounds and users who have tried to call me cannot hear anything. The Nokia worked fine on Android 9 and I cannot believe HMD continues to promote Android 10 and makes no mention of the problems. They should be responding to the users and fixing the problems.

Kevin Upton

I have a 7.2 and have most of these bugs since I got it. Jealous of the 7.1 users only experiencing these bugs now 😉

Joe O'Neill

Nokia 7.1 yes all of the above problems & phone freezing no touch screen or side button response eventually it will restart it self.

Sankar S

I’m using Nokia 7+.Facing problem with What’s app audios.Unable to hear clearly compare with before updation.

Jack Bauer

Ugh they really need to sort out their software, it really shouldn’t have issues like this. I remember the Nokia 6.1 had tons of issues with the inbuilt camera app and I think other Nokia phones did.

The Nokia 4.2 can’t record video in Snapchat…

Don’t think I can recommend Nokia to people anymore.


Nokia 7 plus (Australia)… After this update

– my camera (google camera app) is recording videos using the rear mic with very low quality the ozo audio is not working properly and no clear sound

– the system is crashing easily doing unexpected reboots
– sometimes playing audio using Bluetooth or wired earphone both doing crackling sounds


Someone i know was having call issues in places they never previously had issues after the Android 10 update.

Simon Verhoeven

I’m no longer using my Nokia 7.1 as I was having issues with the touch screen becoming non responsive until you locked and unlocked the phone and it would come back to life. This is before the Android 10 upgrade. Then on my wife’s Nokia 8.1 after the Android 10 upgrade, it introduced Bluetooth issues, eg. I could no longer stream audio to my car’s Bluetooth. You should check out the Nokia forums regarding many issues introduced after upgrading the Nokia phones to Android 10.