The Microsoft Surface Duo is due at the end of this year and it will be running Android but not any old Android. It appears that Microsoft are tweaking the software to be suitable for their foldable device.

Most manufacturers who have foldable devices have some form of modification to Android to help the user friendliness of their devices. According to a couple of videos leaked today Microsoft is going to have a feature called Peek which will allow users to quickly see what a notification is for.

As seen in the videos above when there is a notification and the display is opened slightly you can get a quick overview of the notification — who it is from, what type of notification and a summary of what it is about. This notification panel then opens up to full screen when the foldable is opened. For example, the calling notification, if the device is opened fully, opens to the Phone app so you can take the call. We assume that closing it again would be a way of rejecting the call.

Microsoft has slowly been giving us looks at just what their new device and it’s software will entail — the device is no big secret, having announced it late last year. They want to show it off to their developers so that they can get their apps fully functional for it come release date at the end of this year.

Expect to see more tidbits regarding the Surface Duo at the Microsoft Developer Conference in May. Surely if anyone can do a foldable productivity device well you would think it would be Microsoft. Will you be in line to buy one of these based on what we have already seen of it? I know I will be at least having a close look at it.

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P Brew

So its now a two handed job to see notification !!.