Samsung seems to be conservative with the charging speeds of their devices — and it is no surprise. This year the Galaxy S20 is different with the in-the-box charger supporting 25W but the phones itself supporting 45W charging.

At the launch Samsung said that they will sell a charger for the Galaxy S20 that supports 45W charging. Some sites have tested the two different chargers and found very little difference in real world results between the two:

For those who want that faster charging though it seems there is a solution other than the Samsung charger — any PD charger that supports USB PD 3.0 up to that rate. The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has been certified by the USB-IF for fast charging over USB Power Delivery 3.0 up to 45W.

This opens up a lot of doors for new chargers that are not Samsung branded. Be careful though, especially with charging devices, aftermarket standard can often be less than ideal. To be certain only buy reputable brands. These accessories should be approved by the USB-IF if you want to be sure your phone is in safe charging hands.

Although all three devices have been certified by the USB-IF there is still confusion as to whether the Galaxy S20 and S20+ actually support speeds that fast. If you were getting either of these two Samsungs maybe wait until further testing has been done before committing to trying out a 45W charger on your new shiny smartphone.

Would you think about getting an aftermarket charger for your new Samsung Galaxy S20 if it supports 45W or do you not see the point when 25W is not far off in real life speeds and times?

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Slow charging speeds and Exynos chips put me off buying the last generation of phones.

Charging speeds can be effected room and battery temperatures among other factors, which may alter charging speed test results.

Glad Google enforced standard adoption of USB PD.

Still hoping a budget version like the S10e comes out as well.