Yesterday we saw OPPO tease the contrast ratio of their 120Hz AMOLED display inside the Find X2. Today they have sent out another teaser regarding the high quality display, this time promoting the colours it can display.

According to the teaser sent out via social media channels the new display will be a 10bit OLED display capable of displaying one billion colours. As such there is apparently no banding of colours being displayed on the device.

The video below shows the three difference OPPO phones — this time the Find X2’s wallpaper is such that you cannot see the punch hole and it looks like the display has a massive bezel. Rest easy though as yesterday’s video showed that it does not have such a bezel.

The size of the phone appears to be quite big but it is housed inside a case to hide just what exactly the design of it is — even though we have seen it leak yesterday in official renders.

This upgraded display is also set to be in the OnePlus 8 as well so it will be interesting to see if there are any differences between the two when used IRL.

The camera array details have also leaked overnight with the Find X2 Pro, housing a 48MP main lens, a 48MP ultrawide angle lens and a 13MP periscopic lens. The primary lens is in fact the Sony IMX689, which we have known for quite a while and it brings with it omni-directional autofocus along with many other features OPPO are sure to tell us about next Friday evening when it launches.

The secondary ultrawide lens is in fact a Sony IMX586 lens along with a S5K3M5 lens for the periscopic lens. The selfie camera, and there does appear to be only one unlike earlier reports which had it pegged at 2. That front facing camera will be a Sony IMX616 32MP lens.

The Find X2 and X2 Pro are shaping up to be great smartphones with premium displays and premium camera systems. OPPO are signalling their continued interest in improving their cameras to match the upper echelon of smartphone cameras. Hopefully they can get it right this year — last year they definitely improved but still have a ways to go to be able to match smartphone cameras such as that in Samsung and Huawei flagships.

Stay tuned Friday evening next week when it will launch as we will bring you all the details as it happens. Hopefully OPPO can bring software improvements to match their obvious hardware improvements.