Samsung’s having a bit of fun with the advertising campaign for their new Galaxy S20 series phones, revealing a competition around the campaign this morning. The prize is one of 101 Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G smartphones, valued at $1,999.

What do you have to do? In theory it’s simple – you have to find the “phone”.

Samsung’s printed 101 unique spellings of the word “phone” in their print, outdoor and social media campaigns, Samsung Experience Stores and even cinema advertising. The codes are tiny – you’ll have to look closely to find them. Each one is unique (eg it could be “ph0ne” or “f0en”).

If you find a phone, enter it at Only the first person to redeem each code can win the phone.

Samsung’s also offering clues via their social media (you’ll find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram).

It’s all gone live this morning, with all phones still available to claim. Get going!

Have you won a Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G? Tell us in the comments!

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People are going to try and cheat the system and just type in variations of the word ‘phone’ and other tricks like unique IP addresses etc. Where there are prizes, there are prize pigs who cheat and ruin things for everyone else.


Thats not how it works
It isn’t just the word phone.
it is more than just the word