Optus has announced further measures on top of the already announced extra mobile data during April, to help their customers stay connected during the current challenging circumstances.

Optus chief executive officer designate Kelly Bayer Rosmarin said:

“Our hearts go out to all the people, businesses and communities that are being affected.

The entire Optus team is dedicated to ensuring we are here for all our customers – to keep us connected and to offer our support.”

Accessing Tech Support

Like many companies, with increasing lockdowns across the globe, Optus is experiencing significantly reduced capacity to answer all service calls as fast as they’d like to.

They have mobilised their stores so they too can be available to assist customers with questions and support and are working to hire new people who can be trained to provide support as well.

Optus is also in discussions with other Australian companies that have been heavily affected by current events as well as existing partners to have people join them this week.

Optus would also like to ask for your help:

  • If you are not connected, or if you have severe service issues, suspected fraud, or urgent financial hardship, please continue to contact Optus call centres.
  • All other service needs can be handled through convenient digital channels.
  • In particular the My Optus App (Android, iOS) has a messaging service which allows Optus to communicate back and forth with you as soon as they are free – the messages are always kept and this gives them a chance to prioritise requests without missing a single one.
My Optus
My Optus
Price: Free

Supporting Customers in Need

Optus knows customers may find themselves in difficult financial circumstances due to the effects of COVID-19 so from today they are offering customers, including small businesses:

  • Ability to put your current Optus plan on hold should there be no current need for the service
  • Waiving of late payment fees for all Optus customers until 30 April
  • Stopping of disconnection and credit collection activities until 30 April.
  • Optus will also be providing more support for customers eligible for the Government Coronavirus financial support. They will be providing customers seeking support with more details on Friday.

Freebies and Reduced Restrictions

  • Optus Sport free: For customers who are on paid Optus Sport subscriptions, monthly subscription fees will be suspended until the end of May 2020. You’ll still be able to access archives of classic matches, short-form highlights and more.
  • Making all fixed broadband plans unlimited: A small number of older Optus plans have data caps, they will be making these plans unlimited until 30 April 2020 (on ADSL, NBN and Cable).
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Just came back from the third Optus store in my area to try and have my internet issue resolved as I’ve been without wifi for a month only to be told again that there’s nothing they can do. The app and tech support r down so I thought going instore might help but they were not only no help at all but when I said “ok well I’m not getting the service I paid for so I’d like to close my account”. They said they couldn’t do that and I’d have to go online to sort that out. Did I… Read more »

Susan Ormsby

My optus app on my phone says, please connect to internet. My internet is down. And yes have turned off wifi etc on phone. So essentially I can’t contact optus. And now with live chat down and a more than 60 minute wait if you call? This service is an absolute joke -there is no service only excuses and purposeful obstacles out in place to impede contact for any sort of resolution. We were told our internet would be down for a few days as they were doing work in our area and would put 50gb on our dongle. Didn’t… Read more »


Only one problem,the my app doesn’t actually work for reason. Tried using it but I only have a broadband account my mobile is with another telco. App is geared for Optus mobile customers, not broadband customers only.


It would be good if they could make mobile home broadband unlimited for those of us not lucky enough to be connected to the nbn yet and have no adsl or cable options. Via chat, the only option they gave me was buy another simcard. 2 adults and 4 students working at home, went over last month for the first time at $10/10GB… It adds up quickly

Jeff Dean

Well done Optus