Earlier this year we saw Google’s upcoming true wireless Pixel Buds appear for preorder on the B&H website. Now they have appeared again on another electronics retailer’s website, Abt Electronics, with all the details as well.

The listing, which has since been removed, had all four colours of the Pixel Buds available for pre-order for US$179. The listing calls the new headphones Pixel Buds 2 although Google announced them as just Pixel Buds which is neither here nor there. Abt also call the colour Orange — that does not sound very Googley with their colours having more descriptive names such as “Oh So Orange”.

As the Pixel Buds have already been announced we know everything about them it did mention that the design is a “fitted design” with a three point anchor system — yes it has the fin, touch controls, real time translation and water resistance.

The listing also confirms that the charging case will support wireless charging which I assume will work well with the Pixel Stand — well, you would expect so unless Google release a new charger.

The listing this time is very complete suggesting that Google are set to release the new earbuds soon — it is just five weeks since the original date of Google I/O, where we expected them to be released.

It would surprise us if Google did not stick to that launch timeframe, at least — it is possible they may bring the release forward but we doubt that given the stress the world is under at the moment, sticking to timeframes is becoming harder and harder.

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Phillip Malone

If they can handle the production/shipping demands, you would think many people are looking for headphones for conference calls at the moment and the idea of ones that disappear into your ears from Google might be a good selling point. Just a (wishful) thought.
Still hoping they come out before the end of April when my Google Store $150 voucher runs out! 😉