Google are still yet to release the second generation Pixel Buds announced last year but we have seen a lot of rumours and leaks pointing to an imminent release. Overnight Google has apparently changed which colours of the Pixel Buds 2 will be available in non-US markets.

Previously we have seen all colours on the various Google Stores around the world, including our own here in Australia. The various colours that are available in different places include Clearly White, Oh So Orange, Almost Black, and Quite Mint.

9to5Google have found that in the 11 Google Stores where they will be available no longer have all four colours listed. In European countries, and most importantly Australia only Clearly White is now available. The UK have just Clearly White and Almost Black. Japan are lucky enough to have all colours but not Oh So Orange but of course the US have all four colours listed.

The non-US stores have also had stock images adjusted so that the in-ear earbuds are no longer orange but white instead — someone Photoshopped them. At this stage it is unclear whether this just reflects the availability at launch or whether it will be permanent.

Our thoughts are that it the colour availability is just for launch, but that could just be us being optimistic — I was looking forward to grabbing a pair of the Oh So Orange Pixel Buds. We have seen other Google products in the past have all versions listed but just say not available or coming soon for the colours not ready. Hopefully this is just a new way of doing things for Google.

The second generation Pixel Buds are expected to be released alongside the Pixel 4a. We expect to see the Pixel 4a in the new few weeks given the original time frame would have had it releasing then at Google I/O. We look forward to checking out the new Pixel Buds. At this stage it is unclear how much they will cost but you can find out as soon as it is available by joining the waiting list over at the Google Store.

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I’m sure dBrand will make a skin for them. Their orange is better than Google’s anyway.