HMD Global, the powerhouse brand behind the Nokia brand is updating the Nokia 6.2 to Android 10 with some new features alongside the firmware update which is rolling out to users now.

The update, which brings the Nokia 6.2 up to Android 10 includes:

  • Gesture Navigation: control of your Nokia smartphone just got slicker, with faster and more intuitive controls at the tip of your fingers
  • Smart Reply: receive even smarter responses in messages, not just wording but actions you can take
  • Privacy Controls: have even more control of your personal data all in one place, and control when your location is shared with your apps – be that always, just while in use, or never
  • Focus mode: block out distracting apps when you need to concentrate on what’s important (try it now in Beta)
  • Family Link: now part of the Digital Wellbeing settings, helping parents set digital ground rules for the whole family

The update is rolling out to Nokia 6.2 users now and brings the number of Android 10 Nokia branded phones to nine here in the Australian market. Although the features are not specific to Nokia and are instead Android 10 features it is good to see another manufacturer keeping their devices up to date — far too many do not.

If you’re a Nokia 6.2 user, you might want to check Settings > About Device > More/Advanced > Android Updates to see if the update is ready for your device now.

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Really hope they get around to updating the 7.2 in Australia…. Kinda pissed with the lack of communication from Nokia to consumer

Tango India Mike

I’m interested in buying one of these. Can any Australian owner of a 6.2 confirm they’ve received the update?


Not yet. Australia isn’t among the countries who are receiving the update first. I think we’re either in the second or third wave.

We should receive the Android 10 update by May 3.


Hopefully it goes better than their update of the Nokia 7.1 which caused a number of issues including call quality/reception and the last security patch that caused wifi to stop connecting.

Updates are great, if they don’t break things!