Sony has a very strong history producing great imaging equipment. Their cameras offer functionality, capability and exceptional image quality within the reach of an average user. Their recent launch of the ZV-1 adds to that at a very affordable price for content creators regardless of their experience.

Designed from the ground up for vloggers, content creators and casual video shooters, the ZV-1 combines easy-to-use features with uncompromising imaging technology, making this the perfect tool for content creators of all skill levels.

The ZV-1 capture a lot of the needs of video creators in such a small and “price-conscious” — $1,299.00 — package:

  • 4K movie recording with full pixel readout and no pixel binning in high bit rate XAVC STM codec7
  • Industry standard 3.5mm microphone input
  • Hybrid Log-Gamma (HDR) / S-Gamut3.Cine / S-Log3, S-Gamut3 / S-Log3
  • Interval Shooting9 for stunning time-lapse videos10
  • Super Slow Motion11 recording at up to 960fps12
  • Compatibility with ‘Movie Edit add-on13’ from the “Imaging Edge” mobile application for image stabilisation while editing14 Highlight ability to edit aspect ratios for IG etc.

The feature-set on the ZV-1 is designed around the simplicity of use. Content creators make money by consistently producing content, delivering it to their subscribers and then doing it again. Time is of the essence and taking an hour to produce a 10-second shot just isn’t feasible for these guys and girls. So features like being able to easily change between bokeh modes (a soft out of focus option, similar to the effect of portrait mode on a phone camera) by simply adjusting the switch are welcome.

One-touch controls to change aperture, focal points and the side-opening, adjustable LCD screen make setting up selfies, Vlogs and product reviews much simpler and less time-consuming. One feature that is hugely impressive is the Product Showcase setting that smoothly and automatically slides from a presenter to an object in front of the camera.

Another Vlogging — aka First World — problem faced is the issues created with automatic focus when you’re in changing light conditions. The intelligent features included in the ZV-1 detects and prioritises the subject’s face and adjusts the exposure to ensure the face clear and focussed.

What really starts giving the ZV-1 a feeling of being a “smart” camera is its ability to focus, enhance and put an emphasis on the subject’s face, particularly when it’s being used in selfie mode. This also needs outstanding audio, put simply, good audio can enhance a Vlog greatly — poor audio will destroy it! Who wants to listen to wind noise and other auditory intrusions to your viewing?

The ZV-1’s onboard mic features Sony’s latest Directional 3-capsule Mic which was designed for forward-directional audio capture, allowing for clear capture of the subject’s voice while minimising background noise, especially when operating in selfie mode. For added flexibility, the ZV-1 also features a standard 3.5mm mic input and Multi Interface Shoe (MI shoe) making it easy to connect a wide range of external microphones.

If you’re planning on using the onboard mic, it comes with a wind screen accessory aka. “dead cat” that fits on the MI shoe to reduce wind interference. It’s not going to be cumbersome to carry since it only weighs 294g — depending on accessories attached of course — and measures 105.5mm x 60.0mm x 43.5mm.

It’s an impressive setup designed to make life easier for Vlogging and content creation. If you’re keen to take a look, they’ll be available in Australia mid-June this year for $1,299 for the camera. Other accessories will set you back $149.00 for the shooting grip to $249 each for the stereo mic setup or shooting grip with remote.

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I hope Ausdroid does a full video review on this new vlog cam.