OPPO have been criticised (by us as well) for their slow (if they actually ever arrive) updates to their phones over the years but they have been slowly turning that around and at least providing updates, eventually. Now they are looking to speed up the update process by releasing a beta of the next Android version to their current flagship.

We reported a couple of weeks ago that OPPO were going to bring Android 11 Beta to the Find X2 Pro and true to their word it is now available. The beta which is considered extremely beta and not reliable enough for the average user is based on the official Android 11 Beta but for some reason does not include ColorOS 8, but instead the current ColorOS 7.2 which makes you wonder why they are bothering given the affect their skin has on the running of Android.

To update your shiny brand new Find X2 Pro you just need to apparently sign up to the OTA update online somewhere on their developer’s webpage but at this stage that pathway is not available just yet. To make sure only developers and experienced users install this version it can only be downloaded and installed manually from the OPPO developers page above.

There you will also find a list of the known bugs along with instructions on how to install the update. Installing the beta looks fairly simple and if you are interested check out the developers page for the file along with instructions on how to do it. OPPO have also included a file to roll back the device to the current stable version of Android 10.

If you are willing to take that leap let us know how it goes. We have a spare Find X2 Pro at the moment so will take it for a test run ourselves sometime today and report back.