Microsoft’s approach to the mobile space in recent years has seen it become ever more popular to those users. Having given up on it’s own OS on mobile hardware their focus on bringing their software to popular mobile operating systems has seen its relevancy increase dramatically. Now, albeit a small drop in the ocean, they are continuing that bringing more support for Android Auto with one of their messaging clients, Skype.

The latest update to Skype adds Android Auto support for text message notifications. Now, any text message you receive within Skype will now display on the Android Auto display. You can listen to them and reply using voice commands as you would any other messaging app on Android Auto.

The new update will does not allow Skype to make its VoIP calls on Android Auto — something that Google does not allow for some reason and it is unclear if Google will ever allow it. Hopefully in the future they will and I actually think they will as it is a logical step in the world of connectivity you would think.

In the meantime if you use Skype a lot head on over to the Play Store and update your Skype app to version v8.61.0.96 to receive this “improved Skype for Android Auto”. Does anyone use text messages within Skype? Will this update be useful for anyone?