Android Auto continues to improve and although there are bugs at times it is wholely a great experience. That hasn’t stopped Google from trying new things. Overnight Google has made changes to the way that Maps appears in the phone standalone Android Auto app.

the new changes include not just new icons but also an updated interface to bring it up to the same standards as other Google apps. The new interface seems to be most suited to landscape navigation with the changes much more evident with the interface much more similar to that which appears on the Android Auto head units.

The interface allows you to see the options without them taking up the entire screen, so you can still see the directions at the same time. Options and more are moved to the left of the navigation / map, just like it is on the head unit display. This results on much more room for the actual map on the device display.

Let’s face it, Google has needed to make these changes for a while considering that most displays are at least 18:9 these days so when viewed landscape it did not leave much room for the map itself by the time the lower part of the display taken up with the options banner. As such, I for one, always used portrait mode when navigating using the standalone Android Auto app — not my preferred option given the choice though.

The new update is rolling out to Google Maps (not the Android Auto app) now so if you use the Android Auto standalone app head on over to the Play Store and update your Maps app and hopefully the new changes will be there for you already.

What changes would you like Google to make to Android Auto — standalone or head unit? How about better compatibility with all USB cables and Android skins from various manufacturers?

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I use AA a lot but still frustrated that listening to music or podcast seems to block most of the direction instructions or simply the volume drops of a cliff. I can’t understand why these things are worked out.


Google IO 2018 it was stated that for third party navigation apps Google would work directly with developers to ensure they follow Google’s strict distraction guidelines. Its 2020 and we still don’t have any third party navigation app support like Apple CarPlay has introduced.


Always frustrated that WAZE is far better on iOS than it is on Android Auto. Google product on Google phone is wayyyy better on Carplay !


I dont use it because I lose my radio station selection along with other buttons.

Nathan G

I can’t get Android Auto to work on the standalone app (ie without connecting to a head unit that is Android Auto enabled). How do others get this working? I have a Pixel 4 XL, and this used to work before the last Android 10 release. Now it doesn’t work any more.


Maps on Android auto needs to show live speed like it does in the stand alone app.

Most people use it for navigation and having gps speed displayed in older vehicles is very handy.


How about supporting mapping apps that aren’t from Google and widget support