Hot on the heals of the announcement of the latest wearable SOC from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon Wear 4100, Fossil has lodged five new smartwatches with the Bluetooth SIG. Of course the big question is do these devices use the new Qualcomm Wear 4100 SOC?

With the new model numbers it is safe to assume that these device represent the beginning of Fossil’s 6th generation platform. The Bluetooth listing outlines that the underlying Bluetooth technology is BT 5.0, which was not available on the Wear 3100 or lower and is on the Wear 4100.

So mystery solved right? This proves that the Fossil Gen 6 line will be based on the Wear 4100? Unfortunately not. The Bluetooth SIG documents have the Wear 3100 lists as using Bluetooth 5.0…. which it doesn’t.

So without further details it’s just not clear if Fossil’s next gen platform will be based on the Wear 4100. Considering how their devices based on the Wear 3100 were so close to full consumer readiness we really hope they are using the 4100.

A Fossil Gen 6 using the Wear 4100 might just be the great Wear OS device we think we deserve — but then we’ve all heard that before right?

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I was going to purchase the Fossil Carlyle 5 in the next couple of month. I will now hold off to see the specs of G6 before making the decision.