As is the norm these days, we’re getting a lot of information through about Samsung devices before they’re launched. At the moment the leaks are focussed on the Note 20 series and the Tab S7 range. Over the last few days, we’ve seen several leaks from SamMobile that show an impressive set of specs expected on the S7+. They’re impressive enough in hardware terms to make it a potential iPad Pro competitor.

First, we saw a full list of specs of the S7+ that include:

  • An AMOLED display running a resolution of 2800 by 1752 pixels at 267 PPI – perhaps a little disappointing?
  • The S Pen will, of course, make an appearance, with the same Bluetooth capacity as the Tab S6
  • A Snapdragon 865+ processor will be driving your daily experience
  • With 2 options available: 128/256GB storage with either 6GB or 8GB of memory respectively
  • Power will be supplied by a whopping 10,090mAh battery
  • Complimented by a front facing camera for video calls and dual rear cameras

One point of question initially was the charging capacity with initial expectations for that to be low wattage, but subsequently noted to be 45W. Given the great battery capacity, this will result in a significantly faster recharge time and better user experience if time only allows for a quick top-up. Even if it turns out to be a lower speed charging, you can’t blame Samsung for playing it safe with batteries.

What do you need from an Android tablet to upgrade or even stay with the platform?

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whats the use when google is not supporting Tablet OS


I like Android tablets, I buy them. But this thing’s performance won’t even be in the same ballpark as an iPad pro.

John Hancock

We really can expect Samsung to stop playing it so safe with batteries. The Surface Pro 7 has 45W charging both via the Surface connector and by the USB-C PD port, having a Thunderbolt port and supporting 45W charging via USB-C PD is the least expected of them, even if it throttles a bit after 80-85% charged. Apple may be behind on the speed of charge game but they’re improving while Oppo and OnePlus really lead the way. Increasingly, and with adverts on the Note 9, Note 10, S10 and S20 firmware even worse than Chinese manufacturers, Samsung seem to… Read more »


I just want 120hz screen…. (and a better keyboard cover, my S6 Keyboard is TERRIBLE)

Daniel Narbett

Would be nice to have a larger size Tab. If this 7+ is really to be an iPad Pro competitor it would match the 12.9″ size