We have seen a lot of changes to Google’s products over the length of this pandemic and whether this has been sped up by necessity of the current times or whether they were already designed to be released now is unknown. Whatever the case Gmail is set to gain a massive redesign to integrate some of Google’s bigger services deeper.

The Google Cloud conference kicked off today and although it runs for nine weeks @tahins on Twitter has managed to find slides for a Gmail redesign presentation already online. The new slides show some features that are already live for some users such as Meet integration and some that are unreleased and unknown until now.

Gmail for Android will also receive new tabs at the bottom of the display for “Chat” and “Rooms”. The Chat tab shows group chats as well as one-to-one chats along with the users’ avatars which is hardly a surprise. A new feature will be Google suggesting replies to conversations that you have not replied to or forgotten about for a few days.

Rooms, according to 9to5Google, are designed to compete with Slack and received a large upgrade over what Google began to roll out last month. On desktop you will be able to have a full Google Docs file open while in an ongoing conversation along with tabs to let you view shared files and tasks. Side-by-side document editing is also included along with picture-in-picture video calls.

Other listed features include a new “hand raising”, meeting attendance as well as blurred and custom backgrounds. Although these have already been announced they are yet to be seen in the wild.

It is unclear just when this new redesign will launch but we will find out more next month during this Google Cloud conference.

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Adam J

Not available for G Suite /jk


Sounds like Chat (as a platform) is going to be rolled up into Gmail. They probably couldn’t work out a better way to have it supersede Hangouts classic for the general public. Seems to be for the better. Never thought I’d see the day that Google started consolidating applications instead of splitting them off into separate new things though 😆