It’s on again, off again and now it is definitely on again and confirmed by Samsung. We have seen tipsters tell us that the Galaxy Fold 2 is not ready for the big time with it being postponed but now Samsung have seemingly confirmed that it will be arriving a their Unpacked event on August 5, 2020.

In a video shared out through their social media channels Samsung have confirmed that the follow-up to the originally beleaguered but eventually loved Galaxy Fold will arrive at the Unpacked even in a couple of weeks time.

Of course the video gives nothing away about the upcoming device, expected to be named the Galaxy Z Fold 2 but does of course say “A new look unfolds”. It is not a huge leap from that to thinking that the next foldable from Samsung will arrive at the event slated for August 6 AEST.

Arriving at the event and being available to purchase are not the same thing and it is possible that the new foldable from Samsung will still be a few weeks away — as Max Weinbach suggested originally last week with the software not being ready. We are expecting big things from the second Galaxy Fold with Samsung having learned a lot from the first generation as well as the Galaxy Z Flip earlier this year.

Do not expect it to be cheap though so it may pay to wait for reviews to come through before any purchasing decisions are made. We are certainly looking forward to checking it out in the flesh. How about you?

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I wouldnt mind having a galaxy fold, but just being a mere peasant, and the thought of paying all that coin for a device, and not getting any extra incentives like an extra couple of years of software updates , even if it is a really super cool device and super handy,. the value side of it just doesn’t seem to add up for someone without a lot disposable toy money, and that could be said for other big dollar devices too. maybe sammy could also offer a trade in scheme somehow to make it more palatable ? Or maybe… Read more ยป