In a world where we increasingly give our phones to other people, be that friends, spouses or children perhaps there’s often a few files you’d prefer to have protected from deletion or prying eyes. This week Google has added a PIN protected ‘Safe folder’ into their Files by Google app.

Similar to other file lockers you may have used, the new menu option should be visible for most users of ‘Files by Google’ now. open the app and select the ‘Browse’ tab and scroll down and you should see the new Safe Folder option. clicking on it will prompt you to set a PIN. Once set up you can select any file and send it into the PIN-protected folder.

Regardless of why you may want or need a secure file manager, drivers licences, legal documents etc it’s nice to see Google add thoughtful features into their apps. Now the question is when will Files by Google replace the default Files app on Google and Android One devices? I love having two apps called Files!

If you’re not using Files by Google why not give it a look?

Files by Google
Files by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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Nokia 6.1 AndroidOne here and there is no default Files app.
Never HAS BEEN one for Western ones, on stock 8, or added in the upgrades to 9 or 10.
Chinese ones did have a stock file manager, on 8. No idea if that was ever upgraded for 9 or 10, let alone if the current version of it will work on a Western device on 10.