Samsung has been iterating on its premium Galaxy Tab S range of tablets faster than ever before in recent years, with the most recent updates just announced during the company’s Galaxy Unpacked event.

The new tablet is actually a couple of tablets, with the main Tab S7 coming in at 11-inches while the Tab S7+ rocks a 12.4-inch display. As you’d expect from Samsung, these are premium displays with high resolutions (2560×1600 LTPS TFT on the Tab S7 and 2800×1752 Super AMOLED on the Tab S7+) with 120Hz refresh rates keeping things silky smooth.

Internally the tablets are mostly the same, with Octa-core processors and 6GB RAM on 128GB storage variants and 8GB on the 256GB models. There’s quad-speaker array that can handle Dolby Atmos duties, and huge batteries (8,000 mAh on the Tab S7, 10,090 mAh on Tab S7+) with 45W fast-charging. On the Tab S7 your fingerprint reader is on the side of the device, while the Tab S7+ has an in-display reader.

Samsung’s new S Pen (revealed with the Note 20) is also along for the ride along with the Samsung Notes app, so it makes sense that they’re launching them together. The S Pen docks on the back of the tablets to charge.

The cameras aren’t pushing any boundaries, but being a tablet they don’t have to. There’s a dual camera array on the back of the tablets (13MP main and 5MP ultrawide, with a flash) and an 8MP camera on the front.

The Galaxy Tab S7 (and its bigger Tab S7+) are definitely in the premium tablet range, starting at $1,149 and ranging up to $2,049. There’s also Book Cover and a Book Cover Keyboard accesories available to help you complete the look.

The tablets come in Mystic Bronze or Mystic Silver. As with the Note 20, the “mystic” colours are neutral tones designed to be somewhat timeless with a “haze” texture effect that reduces fingerprints. There are of course, also 5G options. The tablets will be launching in Australia on Friday September 11.

The full Australian SKU breakdown:

Galaxy Tab S7:
6GB RAM, 128GB Storage (Silver / Bronze) – $1,149
6GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 4G (Silver) – $1,349
8GB RAM, 128GB Storage (Silver) – $1,349
8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 4G (Silver) – $1,549

Galaxy Tab S7+:
6GB RAM, 128GB Storage (Silver / Bronze) – $1,549
6GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 4G (Silver) – $1,749
8GB RAM, 128GB Storage (Silver) – $1,749
8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, 5G (Silver) – $2,049

Preorders for the Galaxy Tab S7 devices are not live yet – they’ll start on August 28.

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Richard Farrugia

I thought the tablets with 8GB RAM option had 256GB storage??


i saw the price in Chinese Samsung website, it shouldn’t be that expensive in Australia

Duncan Jaffrey

There is always a local markup we have termed the “Australia Tax” that is added to cover the costs of operations, compliance and consumer protection in Australia. Not saying we agree but it happens. Rule of thumb pre COVID was about 151% of the USD pricing.


Would love to get the tab S7+ but it’s very expensive. I’m waiting to see if Optus gets it and will decide then.They didn’t have any of the Tab S6 range which is strange as they’ve had most of Samsung’s tablets in the past


Why isn’t the mystic black colour available in Australia? Australians like colour options too Samsung!

Duncan Jaffrey

agreed, in fact that would have been the colour I went for. But if I am being honest it wouldn’t change my purchasing decision, I’ll just be less happy about forking out all that cash.


The silver colour is still nice but for the price they are asking it’s not exactly fair not to offer all available colours.


so S7 is LCD and S7+ is oLed…hmm


Yeah, I find that really weird. Aren’t all the s6 tablets oled? And all the new Samsung tablets should have 5G, not just the S7+


$1500+ is too steep for a wifi tablet that will only get quarterly security updates and feature updates for 2 years of that. You can get a decent notebook for that cash to do the same, if not better “full” functions.
I have the S4 and can see me running that into the ground then jumping ship. Samsung has well and truly gone to the whole charge a bomb / sell a few, rather than charge a bit and sell a lot .. bringing home the same revenue / profit.


Only one 5G option in the S7 tablets line, the absolute top end S7+
Samsung should have made 5G available for the entire S7 line.
Added to that, Samsung are, yet again, short-changing tablet users by skimping on the rear camera, in comparison to their flogship phones. Tablets can be held still to take great photos, but the quality is always nerfed by the substandard camera hardware packages, which are several generations behind what’s in phones.

Nigel Elliott

i would take a guess its because it only about 2% (total guess) of people use the rear camera for anything other than maybe scanning a document or something. its just an afterthought.