With the phone market becoming more and more commoditised OEMs are looking to the entire ecosystem market to expand their reach and profits. Wireless earbuds are now a fairly standard accessory so we are seeing more OEMs turn their attention to smartwatches to augment their product offerings, now it seems OnePlus is joining those ranks.

With OnePlus and OPPO sharing more than a little DNA it’s very possible that the underlying technology, if not the overall form factor of any future OnePlus smartwatch would be similar to the soon to launch OPPO WearOS device. Thanks to a regulatory filing we can confirm that OnePlus has had a smartwatch certified.

The OnePlus device was spotted heading through Singapore’s telecommunication authority IMDA, listed as OnePlus Watch, W301GB. While there is little more details than that based on the OPPO device we could expect to see a device including:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 SoC + Ambig Micro Apollo 3 low-power SoC
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB storage
  • Up to 430mAh Battery
  • GPS
  • Heart rate sensor
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

Without supporting leaks this is pure supposition based on the history of OnePlus and OPPO sharing a lot of design and manufacturing capabilities. With the new Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+ platforms released it would be a shame to see OnePlus come to market with the older SOC. Without a current SOC any OnePlus watch may struggle for relevance against the competition.

We’re excited for any new player to enter the smartwatch / WearOS market, more competition increases the chance of truly great hardware — hopefully all newcomers to the scene bring the latest hardware. We will be watching this one with interest.

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Phones are easy to get my OnePlus 7 pro was best bang for buck when I got it from os dealer. Love hearing the Android of all makers as I’ll buy the best phone from anywhere


purchased Tic watch pro LTE from official MobvoiAU amazon store last week. got it under 360 with free Ticpods, activated Telstra prepaid eSim which i was able to make and receive calls via LTE and access mobile data. smooth because of 1GB ram and good battery because of dual display. Happy customer 🙂


If OnePlus refuse to offer their products in Australia, then they should not receive any more free publicity, such as this article, from Australian tech publications.


I’d prefer they keep reporting on all great and new tech, regardless of whether it’s coming to Australia or not, because I am genuinely interested the whole Android ecosystem, not just what I can buy on my shelves…


The argument isn’t that one sided. Australian consumer Law is unique in mandating minimum warranties for phones. OnePlus have made a rare but fair decision that the market, on the terms they are forced to comply with doesn’t make sense to them. The Grey market better serves their product in Australia, though buyer beware if you choose to import it yourself.


Sounds good but unfortunately it won’t come to Australia just like their phones.

Dennis Bareis

I have their OnePlus 8 Pro, not hard to get if you want one


A fair risk given screen quality issues. Did you have any?