As a weekend warrior who often doesn’t have a lot of time for gaming, I know it’s easy to overlook the interface you have with a PC. I know for years I did that, focussing on the specs on the hardware in my PC and monitor as the core of my experience. Since children arrived in my life, it’s been more about general enjoyment and comfort during gaming time and other facets have taken a front seat. Of those, sound and physical interface have become more important.

In recent times we’ve taken a look at a number of Razer mice, a couple of keyboards and a number of sound options. So, in keeping with that idea, today we’re taking a quick look at a new mouse from Razer and headset from Astro.

Razer Naga Pro: $269.95

Razer is a big name in gaming and if you’re serious about performance peripherals, worth seriously considering the extra cost involved. The latest addition to the Razer range is the Naga Pro, a mouse aimed at everything from first-person shooters (FPS), to massively multiplayer online (MMO) or multiplayer online battle arena gaming. What makes this mouse so versatile is the interchangeable magnetic side plates for different game styles.

  • The 12-button side plate gives the greatest flexibility with skill and macros triggers with MMO or RTS games in mind
  • The 6-button side plate brings a balance between control and accessibility with Battle Royale or MOBA games in mind while still offering great control by including a side grip.
  • The 2-button side plate what most players use in FPS games. It offers control with the side grips while still having instant access buttons for critical triggers.

All of this is complemented by huge battery life, Razer’s own HyperSpeed Wireless connectivity, Optical switches and outstanding optical sensors. This is much of the same technology we saw when we reviewed the Razer Viper Ultimate in June. If you’re keen to check one out, they’re available now from the Razer store or in the usual retail stores.

Astro A20 Wireless Gaming Headset: $279.95

If you play games, there’s a good chance that you play on multiple platforms so the versatility of hardware is important. The Astro A20 Wireless Gaming Headset offers a huge amount of versatility as it’s compatible with PC, Xbox (with the optional Wireless Gen 2 transmitter) and Playstation. If you’re lucky enough to have the spare time, it’s designed for great comfort through over-ear cupping and sound over long gaming sessions.

It offers a wide frequency response of 20 – 20,000 Hz thanks to the 40mm drivers, a uni-directional microphone to minimise background noise (great for streamers) and weighs a very reasonable 320 grams. This one isn’t yet available, but can be pre-ordered via the Astro website for $279.95

Both are great options if you’re looking to boost your comfort and enjoyment in gaming. Unfortunately, if you’ve got all the gear and no idea — much like me these days — then the best rig in the world won’t help your gaming performance.

Tell us about your gaming gear in the comments below.