We waited not-so-patiently for the release of the Google Pixel 4a earlier this year but now our Googley eyes have turned towards the release of the Pixel 5. It seems that the Pixel 5 will not be as late as the Pixel 4a was according to the latest leak over the weekend.

Over the weekend someone managed to snap a photo of the Vodafone Germany database and its listing of the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4a 5G. According to the happy snap the Pixel 5 and 4a 5G will be released on September 25 in Just Black.

Apparently prices are also listed, although they were not captured. In Germany, the Pixel 5 will cost €630 include their VAT (16%) making the price around €530 before VAT. Directly converting that to Aussie dollars comes out at around AU$860. Add in the usual import taxes, plus some more for the privilege of living here and you have a price of most likely just over the AU$1,000 mark.

Some have stated that the price is a bit high for a 7-series Snapdragon processor but the SD765G chipset is being marketed as a premium-affordable chipset so we can see it being fairly accurate.

The Pixel 4a 5G apparently comes in at €487, €150 more than the plain Pixel 4a so converting that to here results in a price around AU$800 — just what Google have listed the Pixel 4a 5G as “starting at”, which fits with the Pixel 5 around the AU$1000 mark. It also appears that this year Google have done away with the XL version, just like they did for the “a” series as there is not one listed.

With just over a couple of weeks until the 25th of September we expect to see a few more leaks detailing the Pixel 5 in the lead up to that date. With the Pixel 4a apparently selling really well already we expect to see more of the same for the Pixel 5, especially if it is priced competitively around the AU$1000 mark.

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It was finally looking like the Pixel line would be suitable for me and free of expensive gimmicks. But without an XL version I am back to looking. 5.8″ I imagine would not cut it for most users


for the first time in a long time excited about a google phone. the wait is going to be excruciating recently had to return phone due to numerous issues and now have a cheap old phone that ain’t doing to well


The 4a 5G price is already listed on the AU store site at $799 on the 5G landing page so the 5 will likely be $999 so there’s $200 between each model. Maybe $899 if they want to keep the two 5G models together.


sherlock is that you? 🙂


“€630 include their VAT (16%) making the price around €530 before VAT” is not correct. It’s about €542.

You can’t just subtract 16% after adding it and expect it to be the base cost. That’s not how maths works.


A simple “Good point! Thanks. I was tired when I wrote that” would’ve been a professional response, and far better than trying to make a silly excuse for your mistake.

Btw – the rules of maths don’t change depending on the time of day.


Please lay off him a bit eh? He’s only doing what every kid does – making excuses and trying to look good when they make a mistake. Was only a small thing so perhaps let it slide.


No Pixel 5XL indeed!!
As long as the new single sized Pixel 5 is over 6″ then that’s OK!!

Tom Sekulic

No Pixel 5 XL?!