While maybe not a great primary screen the ability to watch videos on a Google smart display is a handy feature, and it’s even more useful when you can do that via voice. Third parties have been slow to move onto the service with only a handful available — today that list grows by one with Disney+ joining the ranks of supported services.

Just in time for Disney’s flagship series the Mandalorian you will soon be able to watch and control Disney+ content via your Assistant smart display. At launch it’s available in ‘selected market’s’ around the world, and unfortunately we can not find that list at this stage.

We have checked and we cannot currently link Disney+ to our Assistant accounts so it may still be rolling out or perhaps it’s not going to be available in Australia. Of course, if you just have to watch Mando on your 10″ display you can still cast it over so don’t worry, your mini viewing sessions are still safe.