With the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+ platforms currently being heralded as the potential saviour of Wear OS, we are currently living in a Schrodinger’s watch world, where the ultimate outcome is still unknown. What we do know is the first Wear OS device confirmed to have one of these processors is launching in a little under 2 days: say hello to the TicWatch Pro 3.

With a count down page and two official images there’s not a lot left to wonder except will it be as good as we hope? While we are immensely disappointed that the new devices are only using the 4100 and not the 4100+ platform thus no AON (Always On) co-processor to provide ultra low power performance for always-on tasks.

Hopefully the Wear 4100 will still deliver the promised 85% boost in performance and enhanced battery life, although without the AON we’re not sure we will get that lag-less experience we are hoping for. Rumours suggest that the TicWatch Pro 3 will still have Mobvoi two tier display a new SpO2 sensor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, a larger 595mAh battery and NFC for Google Pay all packed in a smaller and thinner device.

I still love Wear OS and want the platform to succeed, you better believe that one of these devices will be on our wrists, as soon as possible.

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Barry Plunkett

Well I pulled the trigger on the Tic Watch Pro 3 and ordered it from Amazon still waiting for it but from what I’ve read this is going to be a Jam Up Fast Watch. I will try to keep everyone posted after I get it.
Peace ✌️ Bro’s and Later.

Phill Edwards

I recently went from a Samsung Active to
a Garmin watch. I’m loving it and wished I’d made the move earlier.


I have the original TicWatch Pro. It is a great watch with everything you need in a watch but the performance is very poor and laggy. Was considering an upgrade to TicWatch Pro 3 but since this will not have 4100+, I might wait to see what Fossil release as their Gen 6 before making the decision.

Dennis Bareis

No 4100+? May wait for the TicWatch Pro 4 then, or at least good reviews that compare the past 2 version.


so pumped for this device. Really looking forward to replacing my GW LTE with a decent WearOS device.


I hear you. Not very keen on a Tizen based watch either. Hence my wait for a decent WearOS watch. Whilst I have no complaints about my TicWatch apart from performance, I think I will wait to see what Fossil release as part of their Gen 6 watches before making my decision. Might still go for the TicWatch Pro 3 if the reviews are good.