Sometimes we get tips with a lot of evidence. Sometimes we get tips that aare a little lighter on. Today we received a tip that is 100% on the lighter end of that scale, but if our tipster is correct then the pricing for Google’s new Pixel 5 may be a little surprising.

We already know that the Pixel 4a 5G will be $799 — Google announced that when they launched the Pixel 4a, so there’s no change there that we are aware of. According to an earlier leak, we had thought that the Australian price for the Pixel 5 may have been as much as $1150.

Our tipster has suggested that the actual retail price of the Pixel 5 in Australia will be a far more attractive $999. Considering the lower-powered SOC, lower-resolution display and lack of a 3rd camera this pricing feels more congruent with the overall package, and more importantly where it sits in comparison to the larger market.

At $1150 it wasn’t overpriced, or overly expensive, but at $999 it is a far easier sell and certainly more attainable to more people. Being just that AU$150 cheaper may just make this device a lot more successful. Remember if $999 is too rich for your phone buying blood there’s always the fantastic $599 Pixel 4a, or the $799 Pixel 4 5G.

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Dead Pixel Society


Sounds like the FE is the winner… more tech and more cameras for the fee. Has Google just ensured it is the President of the Dead Pixel Society?


coming from an s8+, if this is $999 with the earbuds, im sold, otherwise i might get the S20 FE 5G

Last edited 3 years ago by gary

I mean, there’s no way they will include Pixel Buds at $999, or at all tbh…