After a long hiatus, Google is getting back into the TV ‘set-top box’ game with its all-new Google Chromecast powered by Google TV. Following a torrent of leaks, Google has officially unveiled the new device at their 2020 Made by Google event.

The new TV dongle, made from recycled plastic, continues to bear the Chromecast brand, leading on from Google’s relative success with their streaming-only dongles over the past few years. As expected this is no mere streaming stick however, it’s a fully-fledged TV interface. Powered by Google TV, a rebrand of Android TV, the new device brings full remote support, lean back apps and Google Assistant integration to any HDMI-compatible TV.

The device itself is relatively simple, a small oval puck with a short HDMI tail, a USB-C power in and that’s it. Out of the box, the new device is Wi-Fi only and we are unsure at this stage if the device is compatible with previous Google Ethernet Adaptor for Chromecast, and even if it was the previous device isn’t officially sold any more.

Many are calling this the first Chromecast with a remote, however, we see it more as a Google TV device with Chromecast built-in, just like all previous Android TV devices. Either way, the included remote includes a traditional D-Pad, Assistant button, back and home buttons, volume and mute, YouTube and Netflix buttons, a power and line in button.

The new Chromecast with Google TV also introduces much more system-wide integration with your smartphone with the ability to add items to your watch list easily just by using Google Assistant. The new interface with Google TV will show up a row of your favourite TV subscriptions in a single row.

The device will support native 4K HDR playback via compatible TV’s and comes with Android 10 under the hood. This gives the Chromecast access to Google Play and the increasing array of media and entertainment apps that the growing Android TV platform supports.

Audio-wise, the new Chromecast with Google TV supports DTS, Dolby Digital+, Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos alongside Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5GHz and Bluetooth. It also supports 1080p, 4K, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and HDR10+ picture modes.

The device will come in several colour options internationally including Snow (white), Sky (Blue) and Sunrise (Orange). In Australia, all colours are available for just $99. Google also have a Google TV — Netflix bundle available that gives you 6 months of Netflix AND a Google TV for just $139.99. The Netflix bundle is available to both new and existing Netflix subscribers and is their standard two-screen streaming plan (total current value $95.94 — “watch on 2 screens at a time. Full HD (1080p) available. Download videos on 2 phones or tablets”).

You can pick up a Chromecast with Google TV via pre-order from the Google Store where you will get 15% store credit, along with all of your usual electronics retailers. The Google Chromecast wit Google TV will go on sale in Australia from October 15 according to their local announcement

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Apparently, only online services can be integrated with the content recomendations. So, no Plex. That sucks! Think I’ll be contacting JB Hifi to cancel my order.
Confirmed by Plex.
And, this will make it harder for vendors to update their Android TV’s, as former functionality will be lost such as the Play Next and Channels.

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Can you cast 4K videos and photos from your phone? I know that the current generation of chromecast limits them to 1080p, I hope it has changed in this newer model.


Yes, it supports 4k@60hz. The current Chromecast is a 1080p device but the Chromecast Ultra was a 4k device. I would describe the new model as a Chromecast ultra with Android TV installed.


It would be great if Freeview Australia could actually take a consistent and integrated approach to A/GTV. I just sideloaded GTV onto my Vodafone TV and the experience is definitely another move in the right direction, Freeview now just needs to take it seriously.
Maybe Ausdroid could interview FVA for comment on what their digital strategy is on Google devices, particularly if they are allowed to integrate into the ‘Live’ tab? Because their current approach aint going to cut it moving forward.

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I highly doubt it, but it would be great if the native foxtel app worked on it rather then needing to chromecast.

Kunal Gandhi

How much is the inbuilt memory storage?

Kunal Gandhi

Thanks Duncan. Looks like you had a really busy morning writing so many articles. Thank you for all the updates.


Google page referencing October 15 for Australia availability.


This looks great. It does have me wondering why anyone would buy a Chromecast Ultra anymore. Might that be discontinued as a result?

Jamie S

Oh yeah, so it does, thanks Andrew 👍


Preorder with no date = no thanks. I was holding off for this in the hope we got it here in Aus at the same time as released in the states. And it’s 100 dollars here, that’s a mark-up from 50usd + gst.


Yeah, we really got screwed on the extra marked up price on this particular device. It’s not even close to US to AUS conversion + a little extra. This device is well and truely more expensive than it should be.


At current exchange rates + GST it would be about $75. So it’s 33% more expensive. That’s not inviting me to purchase. I think this would be a great dongle at $75 or so.

Jamie S

Hey Duncan, it looks good. I can see the mute button, how do the volume up and down work?

Phillip Malone

If no other way, voice works great!


Looks to have buttons on the right hand side