Google isn’t well known for having a robust, consistent or long-lived Messaging service. However, they genuinely seem to be at least trying with Google Messages and their flavour of RCS. Earlier this week we caught wind of a change to how One Time Passwords would be managed and a new categorisation functionality.

Both of these new features have now been found in the latest Google Messages beta update. Despite being in the beta it seems it’s not quite rolled out yet with very few people actually seeing the new UI and settings. The likelihood is that the new features also need a server-side change.

As you can see the new organisation tabs are at the top of the screen allowing for messages to be sorted into predetermined categories, similar to how Gmail sorts your email. It’s unclear if you can create your own tabs or if you are stuck with tabs for All, Personal, Transactions, OTPs and Offers that Google has preset. However with ‘more’ in the setting description hopefully personalisation of organisation may be coming.

If you’ve got the beta of Google Messages and can see the new tabs let us know, otherwise why not sign up for the beta?

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I am a beta tester but I haven’t seen this update as yet. Looking forward to seeing how well it works.