Online protection is a serious matter and, depending on your circumstances, you might need a VPN to maintain your personal security. Google seems to be wanting to get a slice of the growing VPN market and has announced ‘VPN by Google One’.

Firstly while the VPN service is technically free, it’s only available for those subscribing to the 2TB tier and above at US$9.99/ month (AU$12.49/ month), the upgrade may still be cheaper than other VPN service if you’re already a Google One subscriber. Unfortunately, the VPN service is currently only launching in the USA, with expansion to other countries “in the coming months”.

Of course, many people use a VPN so they can’t be “spied on” or “have their data harvested”. If you fit into this category the likelihood that you’d want to use a Google-owned and operated VPN is probably limited, despite Google promising that they will never “use the VPN connection to track, log or sell your browsing activity”.

At launch, the VPN service will be Android only, via the Google One app, however Google is releasing clients for Windows, macOS and iOS. I have to admit that we find this to be a compelling offer, on top of the VPN the 2TB tier also allows users access to Google’s Pro Sessions where they can get one on one assistance from a Google expert, and automatic Gold status in the Google Play Points loyalty rewards program.

Google One
Google One
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
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Again “First in the US” or “US only” 🤓. But the Earth is big 🕵🏻‍♂️ …


Well I’ve paid for the 2TB Google 1 cloud storage plan and I currently pay PureVPN for a 5 year plan which is in it’s 4th year so yes that extra VPN feature from within Google 1 would keep me interested in paying for my 2TB plan. As to who would I trust more with keeping my internet traffic private, I’ve got to say Google, mainly because they’re under such intense scrutiny and historically I’ve stored a lot of sensitive data with Google and I’ve never had reason to think that my privacy has been compromised anymore than what I… Read more »


Same here. I could drop my VPN subscription that I rarely use but can’t live without.


Hey Duncan. In your second paragraph, I think you meant to say either 200GB tier or 2TB tier and not 2GB. People get 15GB for free.

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