This morning Optus has announced plans to acquire Amaysim, Australia’s 4th largest mobile operator. Amaysim itself has recently purchased Vaya, Jeenee and OVO’s customer base.

A few months ago Optus shut it’s only in-house MVNO sub brand Virgin Mobile. Amaysim will fill this vacancy in the Optus business. Realistically the result for customers of a merger/acquisition like this is that Amaysim is likely to offer less innovative and competitive offerings in the mobile services market because Optus will have a tighter grip over their products and prices.

Optus aims to acquire Amaysim shares (ASX: AYS) and its customer base of approximately 1.19 million subscribers for $250 million, subject to completion conditions including amaysim’s shareholder approval, and payment adjustments. Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosmarin describes the announcements as strategic plays designed to disrupt the MVNO market and offer greater choice for value-seeking customers.

In only ten years, amaysim has grown to be Australia’s largest MVNO, building a brand and service offering that has resonated with Australian consumers.
Already underpinned by Optus’ premium 4G network, amaysim has a customer-oriented philosophy which very much aligns with Optus’ own customer-first approach. Optus will keep the amaysim brand intact and this deal will provide the certainty and backing amaysim needs to power ahead and accelerate its growth in the MVNO segment.

We are delighted to announce the proposed sale of amaysim’s mobile business to our long-term strategic wholesale partner, Optus. amaysim has a first-class team that cares for its customers which Optus has recognised through this acquisition.  We believe Optus, with its deep knowledge of our operations, is well-placed to look after our customers and take the growth of the business to the next level.Amaysim CEO and Founder, Peter O’Connell

Optus say they value the strong performance and customer first focus of the amaysim business and after the acquisition, amaysim will remain as a standalone brand with strong parallels and complementary strengths to Optus’ challenger position in the market

If you’re an existing amaysim customer or were considering porting to them what do you think of this news?

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As long as my kids get their plans grandfathered over on Optus, I’m not fussed. Maybe it’ll drive Telstra to run a home brand cheap plan too.

Tom Sekulic

Optus already owns Catch Connect. Now they’re adding another MVNO. When does it stop? When we’re back to three Telcos again?


It will be interesting to see if any of the mobile providers offer femtocell integration with SpaceX Starlink. Being able to receive calls and messages when out of mobile coverage would be great, especially if that location is home.


VOWIFI? I’m sure that sloves most problems


I’d have thought the ACCC might have a rather dim view of this acquisition? Although they seem to a be a pretty toothless tiger these days.


I had a 4G service with Jeenee for work purposes, they vanished.
I set up my young daughter with OVO, they vanished.
Migrated her to amaysim, they’re about to vanish.

Maybe I’m the imposter.


At the time, Jeenee was cheaper than both. OVO was chosen for the family zone licence, and was cheaper than Optus, I didn’t look at amaysim at the time.


Wasn’t Jeenee a brand for low income and people with disability? Or the profits went to such causes? Unfortunate to have the brand disappear in that case.


was thinking of buying their shares as Penny stock, Too late i guess, But hey I’m happy if they can give e-sim for amaysim customers