The first week of every month Google releases security updates for their Pixel phones and of course this month is no different with Google rolling out the November security patch. This month’s update brings a multitude of fixes to Pixel devices from the Pixel 3 right up to the Pixel 5.

Notable fixes include fixing of the audio routing of calls when using Android Auto, a fix for a bug that prevented phone calls while using Android Auto, touch improvements, DND fixes and more.

As you can see above the bug fixes are fairly expensive but there are also quite a few security patches with some critical. As such we encourage you to update your Pixels as soon as possible.

The update should be available on your Pixel 3 through to Pixel 5 now so go and grab it and hopefully you will see some of the above bugs squashed.

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Those bugs all soubd horrible. Some really poor QA


In case this helps someone: opt out of the Android beta if you’re not seeing the update and are still enrolled from the R (11) beta.