It’s been a tumultuous time for Huawei in Western markets over the past couple of years, but they haven’t given up. Neerav visited the World Square store a few weeks ago when it opened and took a first look at some of the hardware.

That push into the Australian retail space continues as they open a third Sydney store at 203 Forest Rd, Hurstville NSW, where they’ll display a range of hardware including:

  • Laptops like the Matebook 14 we recently reviewed
  • Watches like the Watch Fit we recently reviewed
  • Their accessories such as Freebuds and Eye wear and
  • The current range of Huawei phones

We acknowledge the loss of functionality that not being able to use Google services causes on the Huawei phones, but without a doubt, much of the other hardware on display is well worth a look. If you’re in the Hurstville area, why not drop in and take a look.

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What we _REALLY_ need are Samsung and Google stores. Not Huawei ones.


How are they getting Windows on their machines still? :/


MS got an exemption to sell “mass market software” to them…

I assume it is because whilst Huawei can install bloatware, when they BUY windows, they are unable to change the base code of the software.

Whereas with Android, they can do what they like with it… then just have to get google certification to use play services…

I assume this means the argument is that Windows is secure and Android isn’t…or something like that.