The colours that Google has launched their smartphones in this year has been fairly limited. Their cheapest phone, the Pixel 4a only came in a black colour. Now they are selling a new colour in the US.

Overnight Google has begun selling a new colourway for the Pixel 4a, Barely Blue. The light blue colour is apparently a limited edition, although we are not sure how limited and for how long they will be selling it (and why).

The Barely Blue colour comes with the usual contrasting power button — orange in this case — with both colours very subtle and “soft” colours. The new colour is now on sale in the US and there does not seem to be any indication of it arriving in Australia, ever.

Google’s colours have been limited you would expect by the COVID-19 disease and the effect this has had on the supply chains but as many countries start to be able to deal with it (well, the ones where the phone is made) you would hope that more colours come online.

2020 is most likely an outlier when it comes to, well, everything but if the Pixel 4a is up your alley keep an eye out for a Barely Blue colourway if that takes your fancy.