Just yesterday we signalled that the Lenovo Chromebook Duet was going to be on sale for Black Friday at JB Hi-Fi for just $374, making it amazing value. When we reviewed it we thought it was a great product but the Australia tax was killing not just its value but our ability to recommend it.

The question remains though, would I buy one? Probably. The only thing holding me back would be the price. The price is disappointing but more of what we are used to here in Australia. In the US this combo goes for under US$300 but the Australia tax is strong with the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, bringing the price to AU$599.

Now Officeworks, who must have been waiting for JB Hi-Fi to jump first, have listed it for sale on their website for nearly $50 cheaper! At $329 and a limit of 3 per customer it has got to be something well worth considering. Even though it only has a Mediatek chipset, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of memory it is still a great machine.

The detachable keyboard is small but not too small that it is unusable but its big advantage is that it can install Android apps. Detach that keyboard and you have a Chrome / Android tablet, able to be used for whatever you wish — I think I’m in the midst of talking myself into buying one myself.

The Lenovo Chomebook Duet is available instore only and I suspect you’d better jump in quick as most Officeworks stores near me are sold out of it. If you need a portable machine that can double as an Android / Chrome tablet, at this price, I can whole-heartedly recommend this is the device for you!

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Stuart Brown

I’m frustrated, I ordered one second hand, off eBay, then they sent me vague notices, that I might have been ripped off, at $400, I suppose I’ll get my money back, if I’ve been ripped off. Like I did on my Pixel 3XL, after time, customs money, 1 set of postage, buying a Widows Phone 10, as a stop gap; I could have bought a chromebook duet from the local Office Works, for less, new, with a guaranteed 128GB of storage. Looks like a good chip, 4 big and 4 small, ARM 72, 64 bit cores, my Acer Chromebook Tab… Read more »


The whole cause of your dramas, is right there in your first sentence. You bought second hand.


This might be a price match with Amazon deal that was available earlier in the day.
I was waiting for the JB HiFi deal but jumped on the Amazon deal before it sold out.


Cheaper at Big W with 25% off Lenovo Chromebooks ($279), for black friday.

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Yes I think you’re right there ($373 is the already discounted price off RRP). My bad. $329 is still great.