Who doesn’t want faster Internet? Unfortunately many of us are limited to the type of technology used for the NBN in our area. NBN Co have always offered the ability to pay for an upgrade to the technology providing the NBN to your house but getting there was prohibitive.

The cost itself of performing a technology can be extremely expensive, so much though that there is a large amount of shock with many deciding not to go through with the upgrade due to this cost. Unfortunately the actual process of obtaining the quote from NBN Co for the technology upgrade also cost a pretty penny. Not any more.

The folks over at OzBargain have found that NBN Co are now offering free quotes to “check the build cost for a single premises before proceeding to an application”.

The costs are detailed in a further web page with several factors determining the final costs. It is unclear why NBN Co have made this change but it is surely welcome for those who are curious about the costs but unlikely to proceed due to the eventual price.

To start your quote head on over to the NBN Co website and fill out the form. After filling out the form they will send you a link to your quote within 24 hours.

It is great to see this change — something that has stopped me from investigating in the past but not anymore. How about you? Ready for faster Internet?

Thanks for the tip Jamie.

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Nicholas O'Sullivan

I’’ still waiting to be able to put in a request for a quote. It appears all this interest has prompted maintenance mode on the NBN site’s form.


$ 13,928 inc. GST. As much as I’d love to destroy my lousy FTTN connection, 14 grand is a bridge too far. The waiting, and wanting, continues…


$2600 for me FTTC

Jamie S

My instant quote was $27,500. Currently on HFC, I’ll wait until 2023 and get the upgrade for free thanks Malcolm.
Edit: We have a fibre pit right out front of our house too.

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Neerav Bhatt

HFC doesn’t get any “free” upgrade to fibre

What HFC users will get is access to the plan speeds up to 1000/50, with some areas activated already and the others added bit by bit

Jamie S

Thanks Neerav. I must have got a bum steer from the neighbours as they told me we had fibre in the pot outside our house as he works from home and wants to upgrade as soon as possible as the upload speeds aren’t great. I’m gonna have to lift the cover off that pit now to see what’s inside. I’ll report back with what I see.

Neerav Bhatt

Upload speeds for HFC may improve once Foxtel and Telstra HFC customers get kicked off the network and NBN gets exclusive use

Also if NBN reduces the size of your HFC node so you’re sharing bandwidth with fewer people

Jamie S

I took a photo and Phil sent it to his Telstra mate who said:

Sent a mate at Telstra, he said looks like pure HFC from old foxtel installs