Yet another new feature is steadily rolling out to users of Google Messages: soon you will be able to schedule when messages are sent. There’s a lot of reasons you may want to do this, but regardless of your motivation it’s a useful feature.

The premise is simple in that instead of just tapping the send button, you press and hold to trigger the scheduled send feature. Much like snoozing emails within the Gmail app, there are presets or you can select exact timing. The only real “gotcha” to keep in mind here, is that if you’re doing a delayed send and you turn your phone off – the message won’t send.

No one we checked with has yet got the feature enabled on any devices. So it seems that in typical Google fashion, the feature is rolling out with a server-side update.

How do you see yourself using the scheduled message sending feature?

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I wonder if this is just to delay one message per contact or even if you could have it reoccur