With Samsung having unveiled their Galaxy S line up for 2021, the Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra it’s now time for those who want to grab the latest Samsung Hotness early to jump on those pre-orders. As always you’ve got 3 basic choices, buy from Samsung Direct, get them fro ma retailers or throw them on a plan with your carrier.

If you pre-order early you can expect to get your device on January 29 when it is officially released in Australia. If you have to have it on launch day we recommend organising in-store pick-up.


You can pre-order from Samsung direct, and they’re offering both a pre-order gift and exclusive colours. For those pre-ordering the S21 Ultra, you can get a set of the new Galaxy Buds Pro in Phantom Silver for free and with the S21 and S21+, you will receive a set of the Galaxy Buds Live in white as your pre-order gift.

The S21 starts at $1249 for the 128 GB model and comes in Phantom Violet, Grey, White and Pink.
The S21+ starts at $1549 for the $128GB model and comes in Phantom Violet, Black or Silver as well as the exclusive Phantom Gold or Red. For the Gold and Red devices, there is a 4-5 week delay on delivery.
The S21 Ultra starts at $1849 for the 128GB mode land comes in Phantom Black and Silver as well as the exclusive Phantom Titanium, Navy and Brown colours.

Samsung is offering device trade-ins for Australian Customers, giving you up to $550 off your selected S21 depending on the age and condition of the device you are trading in. Samsung is also offering 36 months interest-free repayments via Samsung Finance for those who want to amortise over 3 years.


As always you can find the S21 at most major retailers with many offering pre-order bonuses as well (normally via redemption). Here are some of the more popular outlets.


JB is offering all 3 Galaxy S21 models , as well as pre-0der bonuses. Just like Samsung.com you will get the new Galaxy Buds Pro in Silver with the S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Buds Live in white with the S21 and S21+. You can see all of the colour and storage options Jb is offering on their pre-order page.

The Good Guys

The Good guys are essentially offering the same deals as other retailers with pre-order bonuses offering wither the Galaxy Bugs Pro or Galaxy Buds Live depending on whihc model you order. If The Good Guys are your preferred retailer then you can pre order here.


Office works is often overlooked as an electronics retailer, but with their corporate customers, price matching and easy returns they’re a great option. You can check out their pre-order page here with all of the same pre-order gifts on offer.

With the Samsung S21 line being one of the biggest launches of 2021 you can bet that if one of these retailers doesn’t meet your needs you’ll be able to grab them from almost anywhere.


As always the Big 3 are offering plans that feature the latest Samsung devices.


Telstra is leading the pack with their claims of included value this year with the telco offering the same pre-order gifts as everyone else as well as $50 credit towards you bill for 12 months if you get their $115 XL plan. Of course that’s only really of benefit if you need their $115 plan or on it anyway. You can check out Telstra’s preoders here.


If you;re with Optus and like to roll our phone repayments into your carrier billing then you’ll be able to get the whole S21 line up as well as the pre-order gifts online or in-store. You can check out the Optus pre-orders here.


Rounding out the Australia telcos is Vodafone, they are offering the same pre-order gift and up to $660 credit if you trade in an eligible phone and sign-up for an eligible plan. If you wan to get the trade in offer you’ll have to head in-store to get an assessment of your trade in device. You can see all of Vodafone’s pre-order details here.

With all of the outlets offering the same pre-order gifts the real question of who to pre-order through may come down to colour, availability or perhaps the availability of favourable interest-free terms. Either way, if you want to grab an S21 early, we recommend spamming those pre-order buttons, post-COVID stocks may be limited.