Following weeks of rumours and Apple having already had the courage to remove the charging brick from their devices and then change consumers extra to get one, Samsung has confirmed today that the Australian Models of the Galaxy S21 line will NOT include a USB charger in the Box.

What does this mean? If you do not already have a compatible charger then you’re going to have to pay another AUD$29 to add one to your purchase. And of course, with the S21 including USB C PD 3.0 25W fast changing the likelihood is that unless you already have a new USB C device you won’t be able to utilise fast charging without the proper charger.

While we are concerned about the environmental impact of e-waste, we think that this is just a simple cash grab, remove a part from the bill of materials to increase profit, and then if someone actually needs it then they can sell it as an accessory. However you view it, we can confirm that this year S21 will not ship with an Australian wall plug.

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It is a cash grab by the company, no doubt in my mind.

But I am reading that the S21 wont have an SD slot, is that true for the Australian variant?

Jack Bauer

Unlikely to be any different in Australia.

I don’t think I’ve seen any other phones where in 1 region it has an SD card slot and in another it doesn’t.