This came through to me with a note of “it was only a matter of time” but while it’s only a concept, for now, it could be utter brilliance. The concept was born from the COVID-19 pandemic, which created an urgent need for surgical masks that Razer, stepped up and delivered: Over 1,000,000 masks have been donated by Razer to frontline workers globally.

The problem with single-use masks is, well, they’re single-use… They’re creating a lot of waste and in turn, landfill which is not sustainable for our planet. Razer has recognised the opportunity to not just make a sustainable mask out of recycled materials, but one that also allows the wearer to be safe and social while wearing it.

Enter: Project Hazel which is touted as the worlds smartest mask.

The mask has a number of very useful features that will make many users sit up and take note. For starters, it’s N95 rated which means it meets the standards required by health authorities. The design has a see-through panel on the front of it, meaning that the people around you can see your facial queues far easier and — those who need it — can read your lips. Here’s where the cool tech comes into it, there’s a mic built into the mask and amplifier to ensure your speech isn’t muffled by being in a mask and of course, it’s RGB for a touch of visual flair.

It’s designed to last the test of time with a waterproof, scratch-resistant material making up the device. If you, like many, have suffered through foggy glasses during the pandemic you’ll likely be captured by the guard that sits along the ridge of your cheeks and across your nose; preventing your exhaled breath from causing foggy vision.

Finally, if you’ve had to wear a mask in recent months you’ll know how important comfort is. Project Hazel is also designed to keep the wearer comfortable with Active Ventilation which exhausts hot air and brings cool air into the mask.

If (big if…) this does come to market in Australia, we would expect to see an app to accompany the device, telling users when to change the filters and when to recharge the speakers. There is a suggestion from multiple sources that the case will be a charging and sterilisation station for your mask making it reusable every time you leave the house.