Xiaomi continues their push into the Australian market with the introduction of a new smart speaker. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker is reasonably priced at $99.95 and is already available. It’s got all of the capabilities you would expect of an Assistant based speaker and has an integrated capability to cast to it.

For those who’ve investigated speakers for their home, Mi Smart Speaker will make many users think of the Sonos Play series of speaker. The specs are interesting for a smart speaker with a 12W speaker providing decent — but not mind-blowing — power for your sound. You can also (similar to other speakers) pair two for stereo, or increase the number of speakers for surround sound.

The speaker connects to your Wi-Fi via 2.4G/5G bands and you can also pair the speaker to your device via Bluetooth. On paper at least it’s a relatively well-featured option, with plenty to offer interested users. You can pick one up now at for $99.95 from mi-store.com.au