+ Wednesday October 16th, 2019

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Telstra and Google officially launch Voice-activated calling from Google Home devices

A few weeks ago we spotted that voice calls via a Google Home / Nest device through the Telstra network had appeared in the Google Home settings. Today, Telstra has officially announced that they are the first carrier on the planet to provide voice calling via a Google Smart Speaker. …

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Google announces the official launch of Assistant integration on Sonos speakers

It’s here, the day long promised to Sonos users by Google and Sonos alike, official support for the Google Assistant. Users with a Sonos One or Sonos Beam will have direct access to the Google Assistant and all other Sonos products can be controlled from a Google Assistant-enabled device, such …

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Google wants to put Voice Assistant buttons on your keyboards and accessories

With Voice Assistants becoming more prevalent in both numbers and interfaces that they support, we’re filing this under the ‘oh I can’t believe it wasn’t already a thing’ category. According to some code commits found in Chromium there will soon be a standards-based approach to hardware assistant keys on USB …

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Google Home devices no longer repeat what they’re doing, at least in Assistant Routines

One of the most annoying quirks of Google Home devices is their incessant need to repeat what the instructions they’ve just been given. Amazon’s Alexa doesn’t do this – thank goodness – but Google’s Assistant still does, and it drives us nuts. Fortunately, it seems change is in the air. …

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Google Assistant reportedly showing ads for some users, but Australia seems to be spared .. for now

Google is busy updating Google Assistant to give new and improved responses to questions, but there’s a new feature coming that isn’t exactly what most users would call an improvement. What is this new feature? That would be the inclusion of ads in Google Assistant responses. Fortunately, we don’t seem …

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